Customer Support Services

Meridian Products is committed to providing our customers with the very highest levels of service and support. Our organizational structure has developed over the years as a response to customer satisfaction and includes several customer support functions.

Customer Service

For Meridian Products, customer service begins when we first meet you and learn of your challenges.  We earnestly strive to be a reliable and responsive manufacturer of steel, aluminum and wire products. We accomplish this through our extensive knowledge of metal forming processes, our excellence in manufacturing, and perhaps most of all through our ability to collaborate with customers to meet their needs in a timely, cost-effective manner. We genuinely believe that communication with our customers is paramount, and the only way to achieve and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships.

Materials Planning

Our customers rely on our materials planning team’s expertise to assure that an optimal supply of raw material is available at our manufacturing locations. We continually evaluate sources and suppliers on a worldwide basis in order to fulfill customer orders and meet our production plans.

In addition to our people, credit for our superior materials planning can be given to our custom SQL database that stores and delivers business data and information. It allows us to create many different kinds of reports and assists in our goal to integrate operational planning to meet your requirements:

  • Bills of materials,
  • Work orders,
  • Manufacturing orders, and
  • Inventory reports.

The database and subsequent management information streamlines our manufacturing process, saves money and allows us to operate more efficiently.

Electronic data interchange

Furthermore, our electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities provide a tool to exchange business information with business partners around the world. We can simply and efficiently communicate with other manufacturers, warehouses, and transportation carriers on your behalf.  We can electronically manage purchase orders and invoices, advance ship notices, shipping schedules, and routing and carrier instructions.

Quality Control

Meridian Products is committed to nurturing a “Culture of Quality” by continuously improving the quality of our manufacturing and related processes. Quality control is used in our overseas manufacturing of metal roll forms, aluminum extrusions, die cast aluminum and zinc components, and coated wire products; and in our anodizing, fabrication, machining and packaging processes.

We employ the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement in our day-to-day work environments. We believe that employees are the best people to identify areas for improvement in their work area, since they see and touch the processes in action every day. Each employee is encouraged to find incremental ways to improve their performance and the company’s performance. Our culture encourages and rewards employees for their contribution to the process.

The engineers and production personnel at Meridian Products also adhere to the principles of lean manufacturing. The adoption of lean-manufacturing concepts has made our manufacturing process less expensive, faster and more efficient. Our objective is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through the implementation of quality control procedures and practices.


Meridian Products combines our manufacturing strengths with logistics expertise to find the most efficient ways to store, transport, and track products for customers. Our logistics management specialists are committed to serving our customers anywhere, meeting the needs of original equipment manufacturers around the globe. We can tailor our logistics and warehousing capabilities to meet your unique requirements.

For your sea freight requirements, Meridian Products provides both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Full Container Load (LCL) services. We identify the most capable and economical carriers and maintain traceability and visibility of shipment information. We ensure the best possible pricing through agreements with carriers and customs brokers.

We serve our global clients from our offices in Kansas City, Missouri USA. We have knowledge and expertise in both US and Asian customs, as well as their respective languages, customs and business practices.


Our finance department is responsible for the core financial aspects of our business relationships with customers. We assist customers with a range of financial matters, including lines of credit, purchase orders, order processing, and foreign exchange and funds transfers. We keep track of vouchers, invoices, credit memos and make sure confidential information is kept secure.