Steel Products

Meridian Products manufactures precision metal-formed parts, components and hardware for original equipment manufacturers. Our modern, metal-forming technology provides a superior finish, reduces costs and helps our customers achieve their production and margin goals.

Stainless Steel Casting


Steel Stamping

Our steel stamping processes use dies and punches to cut metal into the required shape. Our factory houses a variety of metal stamping power presses with capabilities up to 500 tons. Our production facilities are built to easily handle high-volume, long-run stamping of metal products.

Stainless Steel Stamping

Meridian Products is one of the few manufacturers offering high-end stainless steel stamped products. We feature a broad range of high-end stainless steel metal stamping capabilities. Our stainless steel has many advantages for original equipment manufacturers and end users, including:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Superior appearance
  • Product longevity

Aluminum Stamping

Aluminum stamping is used in many industries because of its many valuable properties. Aluminum is soft and lightweight. It has nontoxic and nonmagnetic properties, and aluminum is about one-third as dense as steel. Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and durability, making it suitable for hardware and decorative trim products.

Meridian Products stamps only high-performance aluminum acquired from competent and reputable suppliers. We have progressive, secondary, complex, draw, insert, coining and hand transfer stamping capabilities. Meridian Products’ stamping capabilities range in size from extremely small, precision parts to large, heavy gauge pieces. Aluminum stampings are very prominent in our service to residential kitchen and commercial kitchen original equipment manufacturers.

Metal Forming

Roll forming of various metals involves a set of platforms and rolls used to create bends in a sheet of metal. The bends are created bit-by-bit until the desired shape is formed. Our roll forming capabilities are particularly suitable for creating long lengths in large quantities.

Meridian Products also offers a broad scope of metal bending services, and have built a reputation for achieving the near impossible by successfully meeting challenging metal bending projects. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to create a variety of unique shapes and forms that meet our customers’ metal bending criteria.


Meridian Products is a very capable company in regard to product finishing and coating technologies. Unlike many sheet metal shops, Meridian Products offers in-house painting and powder coating services, which allows us to better control quality, cost and lead-times.

  • Our in-house powder coating lines finish metallic surfaces by applying dry powders that form continuous and integrated coatings. Our powder coating produces a high quality finish that will make your products durable, and scratch and corrosion resistant.  A powder coat finish is more resistant than paint to cracking, chipping or peeling.
  • Our in-house wet technology includes lines that can apply epoxy coatings and liquid paint to products.
  • Our epoxy coatings are used for both functional and decorative coatings, and offer excellent resistance to yellow stain and corrosion.
  • Our decorative epoxy coatings deliver attractive surface finishes with innate toughness, corrosion resistance, flexibility and solid adhesive properties.
  • Our epoxy coatings provide an even flow of coverage, even on angles, edges and ends.

Finishing Options

Our many unique anodizing, powder coating and brush wheel finishes will set your product apart from the competition. Take a moment to view our many finishing options that serve both functional and decorative purposes.

Finishing Equipment

  • Wet Technology Line
  • Powder Coating Line
  • Expert Brush Wheel Line
  • Clean Room Packing Line


Meridian Products provides low-cost, high-quality assembly services to our customers. This value-added service saves our customers time and money. We can construct assembly kits that include items manufactured in-house as well as items sourced externally. Those assembly kits can then be shipped along with your metal parts we manufacture.