Wire Products

Meridian Products manufactures wire products made of steel alloys and stainless steel. Our three-dimensional wire bending technology allows us to produce complex wire forms and shapes.  We also employ sophisticated technologies for coating wire products with nylon.

Nylon-Coated Wire

Our product capabilities include nylon-coated wire, suitable for heavy-duty use, such as in commercial and residential grade dishwashers. Our nylon-coated wire is known for its durability, excellent abrasion resistance, superior impact resistance, low toxicity, and chemical resistance to solvents and alkali.

Nickel-Chrome Plating

We offer nickel and trivalent chrome plating of wire products.  The newer trivalent chrome process meets European RoHS regulations. We can plate nickel only or chrome over semi-bright nickel. The nickel plating provides the smoothness, much of the corrosion resistance, and most of the reflectivity. Decorative chrome electroplating provides a hard finish that can withstand the elements, and is very popular for parts that are exposed to the elements, such as in automobiles, marine, or outdoor kitchens.

Wire Production Capabilities

Our wire product capabilities include:

  • Use of High Power 3600 Watt Laser Cutters,
  • CNC Automatic Production Lines for Metal Sheet,
  • Robotic Welders,
  • KVA Mash Welders, and
  • CO2 Welders.

Our wire facility is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949 standards.

Examples of wire products we can produce include:

  • Appliance shelving
  • Barbecue grill racks
  • Nylon coated dish racks
  • Clothing racks
  • Magazine racks
  • Metal shelving
  • Racks for box stores
  • Shoe racks
  • Ceramic plated wire
  • Wire grids
  • Wire guards
  • Wine racks
  • Wire displays
  • Wire baskets
  • Wire rack displays
  • Wire shelving