About Us

Throughout our company’s history we have maintained a closely held local Kansas City, Missouri ownership. Our experienced partners in our supply network include design and quality control engineers, local quality assurance engineers, planning, and production managers. All our partners are well placed to support each facet of manufacturing and product delivery so that we can continue to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Honesty – We encourage transparency. Whether it’s making recommendations, raising manufacturability concerns, or providing a fair bid for your project, we know your trust is built on fair and ethical business practices. We are always open to feedback as to how we can become a better company.

Accountability – Our clients expectations are at the forefront of everything we do. We take ownership of our responsibility to our clients by ensuring our products are delivered on time with the quality standard checked and recorded with each shipment.

Organization – A well planned supply chain includes communication, and adherence to many regulatory, time sensitive actions. Our point of contact customer service members are reliable, detailed oriented, and easy to work with.

Excellence – We work together in a spirit of cooperation, supporting each other’s efforts to achieve organizational excellence and provide quality service to all our customers.

Efficiency – To provide our clients with the competitive pricing and to remain profitable, we recognize the need to stay efficient at every point of the supply chain, all aspects of the business.

Celebrating 25 Years in Business
Celebrating 25 Years in Business